Christmas Text: Babushka

Our writing and mark making for Christmas will be based around the story of Babushka.

We shall be using the text that you see in the featured image by Sandra Ann Horn and Sophie Fatus.

There is absolutely no obligation for parents to buy the book but somebody you know may have a copy or else you may find copy at a library. It’s a lovely bedtime read, actually.

We shall be starting to read the story to the children during a few story times during the week beginning Monday 21st November and it will become a major focus during the week beginning Monday 28th November.

To give you an idea of the story AS ADULTS (this video is no good for the children!) have a listen on You Tube:

The book that we are using is far simpler and more child friendly.

If any of you have Russian heritage or any artefacts that you think we may find useful or interesting to match our story then please let us know. For instance Russian dolls would be very useful for maths.

Many thanks.