Literacy: Different Types of Poetry

After writing our Perseverance acrostic poem, we really started to get into other types of poems.
For Mother’s Day, we read and compared four different kinds of poems before choosing our own to share with our mums on our Mothers’ Day card.
An Acrostic
A List Poem
A Rhyming Poem
A Shape Poem
Then, this week for our Food topic we read some more list and rhyming poems before looking at a narrative poem. That one is a bit longer and tells us a whole story.
Here are the poems we have been enjoying.
Food Poems
Poem 1: I Like to Eat! (A list poem)

I Like to Eat!

I like hotdogs

I like beans,

I like eating in my jeans.

I like French fries

I like ham

I like eating in my jams.

I like cookies

I like pie

I like eating in my tie.

I like bagels

I like lox

I like eating in my socks.

I like pancakes

I like molasses

I like eating in my glasses.

I like veggies

I like fruit

I like eating in my boots.


Poem 1: Daddy’s Making Dinner (A rhyming poem)

Daddy’s making dinner

I’ve seen it all before

French fries black and burning

And pasta on the floor

Daddy’s making dinner

The sugar bowl just broke

Fido ate the gravy

The house has filled with smoke

Daddy’s making dinner

But I’m not one to moan

Soon he will surrender

And go pick up the phone

Daddy made the dinner

Today’s my lucky day

Dinner’s in the rubbish

And pizza’s on the way.


Poem 3: Food Fight (A narrative poem)

We’d never seen the teachers in a state of such distress.

The headteacher was yelling that the canteen was a mess.

It started off so innocent when someone threw a bun,

but all the other kids decided they should join the fun.


It instantly turned into an enormous lunchroom feud,

as students started hurling all their halfway-eaten food.

A glob went whizzing through the air, impacting on the wall.

Another chunk went sailing out the doorway to the hall.


The food was splattered everywhere— the ceilings, walls, and doors.

A sloppy, gloppy mess was on the tables and the floors.

And so our good custodian ran out to grab his mop.

It took him half the afternoon to clean up all the slop.


The teachers even used some words we’re not supposed to mention.

And that’s how all the kids and teachers wound up in detention.


Mothers’ Day Poems
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