Teacher Supported and then Independent Writing

Our class had a little go at using a provocation in their writing. Mrs Hyde introduced the idea of a provocation on a page and then we talked about how to use the provocation in writing or mark making. We had some very interesting ideas and we all talked a lot about them as we sat at our tables working. We had lots of ideas from caterpillars to a juggling clown! We did really well. Mrs Hyde has put some of our work on display!img_6720-opt img_6721-opt img_6722-opt img_6723-opt img_6724-opt img_6727-opt img_6729-optimg_6745-opt-1 img_6730-opt img_6735-opt img_6738-opt img_6741-opt img_6742-opt img_6743-opt img_6744-opt img_6746-opt img_6747-opt img_6748-opt img_6749-opt img_6750-opt img_6751-opt img_6752-opt img_6753-opt img_6754-opt img_6755-opt