November 2014

Parents Evening Comments

“Thank you so much for all your hard work. B and I are both extremely happy with his progress. You all work so hard. He feels safe and happy. What more could I ask for ?”

“Thank you very much for your guidance. A enjoys very much coming to school and shows impressive progress in learning.”


“I am very pleased with D’s progress. I hope he continues with the good start he has had already.”


“It was lovely to see the classroom and to hear how well B is doing. Nice to be able to talk about concerns and get positive responses. Thank you for all your support.”


“Very pleased with the progress being made. I love how much J likes school.”


“L is really enjoying Y3. I am very happy with his progress at school. I really appreciate the teacher’s hard work.”


“I am very happy with M’s progress. Parents meetings give me a good opportunity to know my daughter’s progress and the expected targets for her at the end of the year. Thank you.”


“Thank you for sharing the teaching strategy that I could practice at home with A.”


“I am extremely happy with C’s progress. I cannot believe how much confidence she has gained this year.”