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Reception Celebrates World Book Day

This week we celebrated World Book day. We brought our favourite books to school and dressed up as our favourite characters. Mrs McKenzie dressed up as the Puzzled Penguin and Mrs Perks became the Hungry Caterpillar!

During the day Year 4 visited us to share a story. We really enjoyed this and we hope they can visit us again.

On Friday we had a visit from Mrs Arrabella the Storyteller. She kindly read Rainbow Fish and we did lots of fun activities. Thank you very much!


Kagan in Reception

Today we used the Kagan structure, Continuous Round Table, to continue our work on the class text, The Puzzled Penguin, Today we were describing the story setting, Antarctica. Working in groups of four we took turns to listen and describe it. Mrs McKenzie was very proud of our work.


Reception class is getting ready for Christmas

We are getting ready for Christmas!

We have been learning about the Christmas story, Advent and how people get ready for Christmas. We saw our Christmas hoop hanging in the school hall and we decorated our Christmas tree. Later in the week we finished off our star head costumes for the nativity production and practised the song that we will perform. This afternoon we created colourful paper chains and made other Christmas decorations for our classroom…Not long to go!!!



A busy Week in Reception…

After a restful half term, Reception got off to a very busy first week. On Monday we went back to Forest School. The weather is colder and wetter so we really need to keep warm and dry. On Tuesday we went on our first school trip. We visited the Children’s play village and we had a great time (see our separate blog entry). During the week we also learned about the Hindu festival of Diwali and saw the different ways that people celebrate this festival of light. Being a festival of light some people attend fireworks displays and this gave us the opportunity to talk about the fireworks we saw on Bonfire Night. We enjoyed making rangoli patterns and painting bonfire and fireworks pictures. Continues after these pictures…

On Thursday we completed our Black History Month celebrations with a concert in the school hall (see our separate blog entry for details and pictures).

On Friday we learned all about Remembrance and why people wear poppies today. We watched a video which showed the Queen laying a wreath of poppies at the Cenotaph in London. Following this we watched a short film made by CBeebies called ‘Poppies‘. We shared our thoughts and ideas and then made our own poppies.

Our Forest

This week Reception have been learning and writing about forests. Today they started to create their own forest picture using materials that they collected from the school field earlier this week.


Our first week in Reception

We have had a wonderful first week in Reception. We have spent this time exploring our new learning environment, making new friends and getting to know each other.

We have been playing in our home corner, the construction area and enjoying new books in our cosy book corner. Having learnt how to use the art resources, we have enjoyed making pictures and junk models to take home.

We have been learning our new daily routines; understanding what happens at the start and the end of the day and lunchtimes when we go to the canteen. Some of us had never eaten in there before but with support from our teachers and the lovely dinner ladies we were fine.

Our teachers are so proud of how we have adapted to school life. We had our first PE lesson where we had to listen carefully to instructions and we impressed our music teacher, Mrs Vaughan, with our musical talents.

There is so much to do in Reception we look forward to our year ahead.

Please enjoy some of the pictures from our first week.

Reception Class






Reception goes to Forest School

This week we were very excited to go to Forest school for the first time. We met our facilitators, Tom and James who explained what Forest school was and some of the important rules to keep us safe. We enjoyed exploring our new learning environment and we look forward to our next session. Look at our pictures to see some of the things we did.




Chinese New Year – The Year of the Dog

In Year One we have been learning all about Chinese New Year…

We enjoyed the Chinese Zodiac story and it was fun putting the animals into the correct order.

This was a good opportunity to learn our ordinal numbers. We worked out that the dog came eleventh in the race.


We tasted Chinese food. Some of use had never tasted noodles or prawn crackers before…They were delicious!

We made our own lanterns and decorated them beautifully.


We danced like a Chinese dragon.

Have a wonderful half term.

Year One


Merry Christmas From Year 1

After a busy half term we enjoyed some festive fun during our last week.

On Monday Mrs McKenzie led us into the school hall where we were amazed to meet Santa! He kindly gave us presents and we were able to ask him lots of questions…


Thank you Santa!

We also enjoyed and participated in a magic show… put on by one of Santa’s elves!!! So much fun!

During Monday afternoon we had our class party. We enjoyed drawing, playing games and of course having a Christmas boogie!


On Thursday it was performance time. Tiverton Academy put on its annual nativity play. We sang and performed beautifully. Our parents and teachers were very proud.


Following this we were very lucky to be visited by Mr Rajan the story teller. We listened to his engaging stories and enjoyed being invited to join in while wearing our animal masks.

On Friday morning… we couldn’t believe it – Elfis had made a final visit to Year 1!! He left us a lovely DVD called ‘An Elf Story’ and some yummy chocolates.

Thank you Elfis!

Now we look forward to our Christmas break.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Elfis the Elf Comes to Year One!

Today we were amazed to discover that we had been visited by an Elf!

Elfis Presently left us a note and a gigantic gift bag containing a Christmas tree and lots of shiny decorations. We had so much fun decorating the classroom and now it looks ready for Christmas.



Elfis might visit us again if we keep on working hard and having fun…

Thank you Elfis!

The Magic Porridge Pot – Book Review

This week, Year 1 completed their work on The Magic Porridge Pot – a traditional tale from Germany. This included writing their version of the story with their chosen food. Children were very imaginative and had some great ideas. Some parents had the opportunity to view and enjoy this work at the recent Parent Consultation.

Following this, the class worked together to create a book review. The children responded to questions and gave their personal opinions about, and rating for, the book. Overall the book scored very highly. This was a great joint effort by everyone!

Well done Year 1!









What a busy half term!!

In Maths we have covered several topics, including place value, calculation and geometry.  We demonstrated our understanding of place value by, for example, using dienes blocks and ordering numbers.

We performed addition calculations in different ways, including outside on the field using natural objects.

We learned about geometry in a tasty way by making 2D shape pizzas and creating 3D shapes using marshmallows and cocktail sticks.

This term, the Tiverton Artist in Focus is Canaletto.  We explored his painting style and went outside to create similar pictures of the school.   Our teachers were very proud of our work!

We launched our topic: “The Stories People Tell”, by becoming storytellers ourselves!!  To do this we worked in small groups and, using a prop, we made up and rehearsed our own story.  Then we performed these to the class!  We all received a big round of applause for our creativity and acting.

We also started our new class text: “The Magic Porridge Pot”.  First of all we thought about the title and made predictions about what would happen in the story.  We had some very imaginative ideas.  Some of us also read our predictions out to our literacy group.

In PSHE we have been thinking about difference and how it is okay to be different. We explored this theme using the story Elmer.  We decided that everyone in our class is different and special and we celebrated this by working together to create our own Elmer collage.  We also explored how we can make our class more welcoming to newcomers.

In the last week of term we had some celebrations.  Firstly we celebrated Harvest Festival at Elim Church, where we sang beautifully to our parents.  In RE we learned about the Rama and Sita story and all about Diwali.  We made diva lamps and ended the term with a Diwali party.  We had lots of fun!

Welcome to Year One!

This half term we moved from Reception into Year One. We have a new classroom and have been getting used to our new routines and responsibilities.

In Maths we have been focusing on a number of topics including 2D shapes, counting and place value. In Literacy we have been developing our handwriting and learning what makes a good sentence. We have thoroughly enjoyed our class text – Jim and the Beanstalk by Raymond Briggs. We made predictions about the plot and undertook different exercises relating to the text.

As part of our topic Flowers and Insects, we learned about minibeasts and their habitats and took to the fields with our checklists to search for them. We were very successful – Mrs McKenzie was very proud of how we worked as a team.

IMG_9167  IMG_9433  IMG_9431  IMG_9430

We looked after caterpillars and were amazed by their metamorphosis as they first changed into chrysalises and then became butterflies. When it was time to say goodbye we took them outside and our beautiful butterflies took flight as we waved them off.

IMG_9052   IMG_3267   IMG_9217   IMG_9215

We also learned about the different types of seed dispersal. We found helicopter seeds on the field and we enjoyed releasing them into the wind and watching them glide.

IMG_9766   IMG_9750   IMG_9741

During Sports Day we had lots of fun competing in events such as the sack race, long jump and the spud-and-spoon race! Lots of our parents were there to cheer us on and Mrs McKenzie said that we were all winners.

IMG_9556  IMG_9538  IMG_9605

During the last week of term we had our Fun Day. We danced at the disco, bounced on the bouncy castle and ate our tasty lollies and ice creams. We also had fun and games in the classroom.

IMG_9861   IMG_9815   IMG_9861

After a busy half term we are looking forward to our Summer holidays and returning to class in September.

Year One