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Give one, get one

Pupils in year 5 researched the conduct of Sergeant Hanley throughout the text today. We used the Kagan strategy: give one, get one to share the evidence we found to support our written arguments.

National Poetry Day

We celebrated national poetry day by reading and understanding the famous war poem – Flanders Field. We even explore the mood through drama and rapping.

Archies’s War

A great start to Archie’s War today. The whole class discussed and shared their ideas/predictions about the book and what it might be about.

We  can’t wait to read on:-)

Rally Coach

A great start to multiplication today. We worked together as partner A and B to complete long multiplication questions; we definitely needed support as the questions got harder.

Entry Point: Year 5 are evacuated

The 2nd part to our entry point focused on teaching the children what it was like for children during evacuation.

We set the classroom as a train station and experienced the whole process. We also thought about what we would pack in our small suitcase and why. Lots of great ideas from year 5 .


Another fanstastic workshop run by loudmouth. Loudmouth are an educational and training programme who tackle key areas of staying safe through drama and group discussions.

We thoroughly enjoy having them back every year.

KS2 SATs 2017-2018

Here are the dates for when the National KS2 SATs will take place in May 2018.

Monday 14th May 2018 until Thursday 17th May 2018.

Here is the timetable for KS2 SAT week 2018

Test Date
English grammar, punctuation and spelling test

Paper 1: short answer questions (45 minutes)

Paper 2: spelling (15 minutes)

Monday 14th May
English reading test

Paper 1: Reading comprehension (60 minutes)

Tuesday 15th May

Paper 1: arithmetic (30 minutes)

Paper 2: reasoning (40 minutes)

Wednesday 16th May

Paper 3: reasoning (40 minutes)

Thursday 17th May



Year 6 have started working with Geoff Readman, who works with the RSA.

We took apart chapter seven in After Tomorrow (class text) and developed the role of the characters in different elements of the chapter. Our main focus was to explore the role of the soldiers.