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Amazing animals!

To start our new topic all about animals and their habitats Angie bought in some Amazing animals for us to see.
We got to stroke a hedgehog, pet a cold blooded bearded dragon on our lap and watch a burrowing owl fly across the hall.

We learned so many facts and one of our favourites was – Did you know that an owl poops out of his bottom and mouth!

Spot the Owl poo in the pictures!

RRSA workshop

Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 had a brilliant morning learning more about our rights during our workshop today.
We made shelters, talked about how we stay clean and healthy, discussed our different rights with each other, sorted our wants and needs.
Thanks very much to our Rights Respecting School Ambassadors for helping and the families that came too.

Rally Coach Maths

During Maths today Year 1 used one of our new kagan skills – Rally coach. Great teamwork, coaching and support for each other.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

We had such a lovely PE lesson with Miss Meah, Miss Hale and Nursery. It was our turn to be the coaches this time!

World book day and paired reading

We had a lovely world book day 2019. Our morning involved making bookmarks, designing book covers,making pants for aliens and using lego to make a book character.

We loved reading with year 5 too – thanks year 5!

Mad Hatters 🎩

During Autumn Term and the beginning of Spring term Year 1 have been completing their topic – All Dressed Up.
As part of our Design Technology project we designed and then made our own hats. We learned lots of new skills and tried to add them to our hats.
Then Mrs Matthews and Mrs Ward surprised us with our exit point of our topic – A Mad Hatters Tea Party.
We had real tea cups, saucers and tea pots. It was the most wonderful surprise – we were amazed! We REALLY enjoyed the hat cake made by one of our parents (thank you Keira-May’s Mommy)
Enjoy looking at our photos – it was hatastic!!!

Year 1 and the Birmingham Royal Ballet

Year 1 had a dancetastic afternoon with Birmingham Royal Ballet.
Mrs Matthews and Mrs ward thought we were amazing – we listened, joined in and had so much fun!
Check out our beautiful Ballet moves.


True or False….

We practised a new kagan skill last week during Guided Reading #Kagan skills
We were in mixed groups and we had to read a sentence from our class text Millie’s Marvellous hat 🎩.
Then we decided in our teams whether the sentence was true or false!

What time is it?

This week we have been learning about time to the hour and half past with Miss Baugh our student teacher.
Can you see what times we have made?

We even decorated some time biscuits.

Hand made Christmas 🎄

We have been busy bees 🐝 this week. Look at our wonderful trees all ready for our Christmas hoop to go on display in the hall.

An important delivery 📦 🎅🏼

This week year one have been writing their letters to Santa. We are trying really hard to use our phonics in our writing. Can you see what we would like for Christmas?

Off they go! Ho ho!

The 5 Senses

Year One had a sensational Science lesson today. We learned all about how the 5 senses work.
Some of us were even smelly experts!

UNICEF rights respecting school

Tiverton Academy is now on its way to become a UNICEF rights respecting school.
The class votes have been cast and we now have our first ever steering group!
There are 2 children from each class (year 1 to year 6)

We all had to attend our first meeting together on Thursday – it was very exciting as we had a first look at the Pocket book of Children’s Rights.

There were lots of discussions and opinions given about the different rights children have – we were even surprised by a few!
Take a look at some pictures of our first meeting

We now have to make a display in school and decide where our new rights respecting posters go around the school.

Miss Wyatt even gave us our own UNICEF pin badges to wear in school every day.

To learn more about the work that UNICEF do, visit

Rights Respecting Schools

It’s only been 4 weeks!

Year one have had an amazing start to their Autumn term. We have continued our work on The Flower 🌺 by John Light in Literacy.
During our Maths lessons we have been learning about place value and one more and one less.

In Science lessons we have been studying flowers 🌺 and looking at the parts that make a flower or plant.

We are just amazing!

Summer days and Summer stories

Reception had a lovely afternoon with year 6. They read stories to us and we read some to them. Thanks year 6!

Kagan skills

This week we have been learning about the jobs that people do. To start off our topic lesson we have been practising our Kagan skills.
We have learnt that when the music starts (we love – Hound dog by Elvis) we mix and move around the room and then when the music stops we put our hand up. Our teachers call out “pair” then we look for the person to make a partner with that is close to us. This is called mix, pair, share. We are getting really good at it.
Then we practice rally robin with our partner. We had to take it in turns to say the names of all the jobs that we know.
Can you see which parts we are practising in the photos?

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all our lovely Mums. We appreciate and thank you for everything you do for us.
We hope you enjoy our handmade biscuits.
Love from Reception xxxx

Wonderful wintery day

It started off as a beautiful, wintery and sparkly playground until Reception went outside!!
We had so much fun – painting, drawing, writing, throwing snowballs and making snow angels.

How much room?

Last week Reception have learning about capacity. We have been using words like – empty, nearly empty, half full, full, capacity and liquid to describe and compare the capacity of the different containers.

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year!
It’s year of the dog 🐶.

We have enjoyed making dog masks and writing our numbers to 10 in Chinese.

Our numbers are amazing! 👍🏻

We loved watching the story about the animals in the story.

We love our families ❤️

On Valentine’s Day this week Reception wanted to show their families how much they love them.
We wrote I love you because…. we enjoyed talking about our family and why we love them so much.

Internet safety day

As part of our work on Internet Safety this week we drew around our hands and cut them out. On our hands we (and the teachers) wrote the names of people in our lives who help to keep us safe every day.

Inspiring readers

Our Nursery and Reception reading inspire workshop was wonderful.
Lots of inspiring activities and busy families!

No Outsiders

As part of our PSHE lesson today we have begun our No Outsiders lessons.
We read the book You Choose by Nick Sharratt.
After reading the book we worked together and decided what we liked and did not like in the book.

We really liked lots of shoes and hats!

World Book Day 2017

We had a wonderful world book day in year one!

Lots of us dressed up as our favourite book characters.

IMG_2175 IMG_2176 IMG_2177 IMG_2180 IMG_2182 IMG_2184 IMG_2185 IMG_2188 IMG_2189 IMG_2190 IMG_2191 IMG_2193 IMG_2194 IMG_2243

We enjoyed reading in the book corner.

IMG_2240 IMG_2229

The big books were as nearly as big as us!

IMG_2211 IMG_2239

Arabella the story teller came to visit us. Can you guess which story she read?

IMG_2252 IMG_2273 IMG_2284 IMG_2298 IMG_2349