Busy bees!

Wow! What a start to the new school year!

Year 1 have already been busy working hard all last week!

During Literacy we have been practising writing sentences about our holidays.

img_6051 img_6046 img_6045 img_6038 img_6042 img_6044 img_6027 img_6026 img_6025 img_6022


In Maths we have become measuring experts! We have been learning how to use metre sticks to measure some really long objects around our school. Then we used rulers to measure things that are short.

img_6100 img_6104 img_6106 img_6110 img_6111 img_6112 img_6116 img_6117 img_6132 img_6133 img_6134 img_6135 img_6137 img_6141 img_6153

After all that we even had the energy to do PE!

We really enjoy games with Mr Dunn – Doctor Doctor is one of our favourites.

img_6062 img_6066 img_6070 img_6073 img_6074 img_6082 img_6086 img_6094

During our circus topic we designed and labelled a circus tent.

001 002 004

We think that this week will be a busy week too!