Circus Day!

Year 1 and year 2 were very lucky to have Juggling Jim join us for a fun filled day.

He taught us many circus skills.

We learnt how to spin plates – it was very tricky to keep the plates level!

img_0505 img_0508 img_0512 img_0517 img_0522 img_0554 img_6327

Next we practiced a balancing trick with cups and boards Рwe had to keep our heads very still!

img_0592 img_0584 img_0586 img_0625 img_0594 img_0591 img_0589

Then we went on the pedal-go’s – we needed 2 friends to help us to balance.

img_0652 img_0661 img_0668 img_0673

After that we were balancing peacock feathers on our hands!

img_0687 img_0694 img_0696 img_0701 img_0710 img_0718

Then Juggling Jim helped us walk on the tightrope. It was very high!

img_0786 img_0791 img_0798

Finally, at the end of the day Juggling Jim helped us to show off our new skills and then he showed us how he could ride his unicycle. It was so funny!

img_6431 img_6450 img_6477 img_6485 img_6487

We loved our circus day and we hope that you enjoy looking at the photos.