Reception makes cakes

One of us had the brilliant idea of making cakes…and so we did! We talked about the ingredients and worked in groups to make delicious fairy cakes.

We look forward to the next great idea.


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Published Date:8th February 2019

Kagan in Reception

Today we used the Kagan structure, Continuous Round Table, to continue our work on the class text, The Puzzled Penguin, Today we were describing the story setting, Antarctica. Working in groups of four we took turns to listen and describe it. Mrs McKenzie was very…

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Published Date:6th February 2019

Reception Celebrates Chinese New Year – The Year of the Pig

Today we are celebrating Chinese Year New… Kung Hei Fat Choy!


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Published Date:5th February 2019

Christmas Dinner for Reception

Today Reception enjoyed their special Christmas dinner. The canteen was beautifully decorated and we enjoyed pulling crackers and listening to festive music…


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Published Date:14th December 2018

Wonderland Trip

Nursery had a fantastic day at Telford Wonderland for our Nursery trip this week. It was very exciting to see Santa, his reindeer were there too! We met Mrs Claus and passed on a message from Santa, and had lots of fun on the rides.

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Published Date:13th December 2018

Rainbow Fish 🐟

This afternoon Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are enjoying a performance of the Rainbow Fish.
We loved the singing and dancing!

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Published Date:11th December 2018

Reception class is getting ready for Christmas

We are getting ready for Christmas!

We have been learning about the Christmas story, Advent and how people get ready for Christmas. We saw our Christmas hoop hanging in the school hall and we decorated our Christmas tree. Later in the week we finished off our star head costumes for the…

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Published Date:7th December 2018

Getting ready for Christmas

Nursery have been busy getting ready for Christmas today.
We all helped to decorate the Christmas tree with lights, tinsel and baubles. We then had lots of fun making our own decorations. We listened carefully and followed instructions to make paper chains! They look great!
Some of us…

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Published Date:5th December 2018

Diwali Party

Today we had our Diwali Party. Some of us dressed in our finest party clothes and we all danced, played games and enjoyed some delicious party food.

Happy Diwali!

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Published Date:14th November 2018


Nursery had a lovely time celebrating Diwali. We wore colourful clothes, coloured rangoli patterns, made diva lamp pictures, ate party food and also enjoyed dancing to special music.

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Published Date:14th November 2018

Remembrance Day

Nursery made beautiful poppy pictures for remembrance day. They used potatoes to print the petals and scrunched up tissue paper for the middle. We talked about why we were making them and what remembrance day is all about.

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Published Date:14th November 2018

A busy Week in Reception…

After a restful half term, Reception got off to a very busy first week. On Monday we went back to Forest School. The weather is colder and wetter so we really need to keep warm and dry. On Tuesday we went on our first school trip. We visited the…

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Published Date:9th November 2018

Reception Celebrates Black History

Today Reception, Nursery and KS1 celebrated Black History with music and dance. Wearing our vibrant head wear we enjoyed singing and watching others perform… So much fun! Enjoy some of the pictures from the event.


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Published Date:8th November 2018

Our Trip to the Children’s Play Village

Today we went to the Children’s Play Village in Warwickshire. It was our first school trip and we were very excited. Along with Year One, we travelled there by coach. When we arrived we were amazed to see the many role play areas to explore and enjoy.  We had…

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Published Date:6th November 2018

Forest School

Nursery have enjoyed their first half term of forest school. Here is some information about forest school.-
Tom and James are our forest school leaders.
Tom makes the fire while we play games at the top of the field with James.
We have to remember our fire rules –
No running.

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Published Date:18th October 2018

Our Forest

This week Reception have been learning and writing about forests. Today they started to create their own forest picture using materials that they collected from the school field earlier this week.


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Published Date:12th October 2018

The Gingerbread Man

We have been reading the Gingerbread Man in Nursery for a couple of weeks now and learning about the story. We have done lots of activities linked to the Gingerbread Man and today we made our own Gingerbread men.
Firstly we talked about good hygiene practices and the…

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Published Date:4th October 2018

UNICEF rights respecting school

Tiverton Academy is now on its way to become a UNICEF rights respecting school.
The class votes have been cast and we now have our first ever steering group!
There are 2 children from each class (year 1 to year 6)

We all had to attend our first meeting together…

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Published Date:30th September 2018


This afternoon we took advantage of the glorious weather and worked on our letter formation outside in the playground. We did very well and had lots of fun!

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Published Date:27th September 2018


We were excited today to find a sunflower in our classroom. We all sat together and told Mrs McKenzie and Mrs Francis everything we already knew about sunflowers.


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Published Date:21st September 2018

Reception learn how to stay safe on the stairs

This morning we walked up and down the stairs to learn how to stay safe. We shared our ideas of why we should hold onto the railings and why it is dangerous to run, jump or push.

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Published Date:21st September 2018

A Windy Day

Nursery went to the field today to listen to sounds of the wind in the trees. We watched how the trees and leaves moved. We also talked about how the leaves are starting to change colour and fall because it is autumn.
We collected some leaves and large…

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Published Date:20th September 2018

Our first week in Reception

We have had a wonderful first week in Reception. We have spent this time exploring our new learning environment, making new friends and getting to know each other.

We have been playing in our home corner, the construction area and enjoying new books in our cosy book corner. Having learnt…

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Published Date:7th September 2018

Reception goes to Forest School

This week we were very excited to go to Forest school for the first time. We met our facilitators, Tom and James who explained what Forest school was and some of the important rules to keep us safe. We enjoyed exploring our new learning environment and we look forward…

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Published Date:15th August 2018

Fun Day

Nursery have had a lovely day at our schools fun day. We bounced on the bouncy castles, danced in the disco, and ate ice cream! What a fun day!

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Published Date:18th July 2018

Pool party!

Nursery have had a really fun day having a pool party!
Mrs Hyde asked us what things we would like at our pool party, we told her we wanted strawberries, sugar snap peas, ice lollies, doughnuts, balls to play with, and bubbles. Mrs Hyde was really kind and went…

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Published Date:28th June 2018

Summer days and Summer stories

Reception had a lovely afternoon with year 6. They read stories to us and we read some to them. Thanks year 6!

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Published Date:21st May 2018

Forest school

Nursery have been doing lots of fun things in forest school this half term.
We have made bug hotels! We found lots of insects under logs, crates, braches etc, and needed to make them a safe home. We did this by collecting lots of leaves, twigs, and…

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Published Date:3rd May 2018

Nursery Fun In The Sun

Nursery made the most of the beautiful weather and spent most of the day outside on Thursday and Friday. We had water play, bubbles, bikes, the large sand pit and lots more activities. It was so much fun!

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Published Date:25th April 2018

Arabella the storyteller

This morning in Nursery we had a visit from Arabella the storyteller. She made stories come to life! She told us the story of ‘The tiger who came for tea’. We had a go at walking like tigers, it was lots of fun! We also did…

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Published Date:20th April 2018

Today in Nursery we had our Go Go disco for sports relief. We danced, played games, and had party food! Nursery won stickers for their best dance moves, and boy what amazing dancers we have!

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Published Date:22nd March 2018

Making jam tarts for sports relief

This afternoon in Nursery we made jam tarts. We measured using scales, mixed our ingredients together and then used a big rolling pin to roll out our pastry. We used raspberry jam for the filling.
We made our cakes as part of our learning about sports relief. …

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Published Date:21st March 2018

INSPIRE Workshops for Nursery and Reception

Please look out for the letter that is going home today about INSPIRE Workshops in Nursery and Reception. It is important that you return the tear off slip at the bottom of the letter so that we can fully support the children and their accompanying adults in their activities.


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Published Date:19th March 2018

Kagan skills

This week we have been learning about the jobs that people do. To start off our topic lesson we have been practising our Kagan skills.
We have learnt that when the music starts (we love – Hound dog by Elvis) we mix and move around the room and then…

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Published Date:15th March 2018

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all our lovely Mums. We appreciate and thank you for everything you do for us.
We hope you enjoy our handmade biscuits.
Love from Reception xxxx

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Published Date:9th March 2018

Ahoy me hearties!

We have been doing lots of work on pirates in Nursery this half term. This has come from the children showing an interest in pirates before half term. We sat with the children and asked them what pirate things they would like to learn and do, we…

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Published Date:8th March 2018

Our reading poem

This week we have been learning about rhyming words and we wrote a class poem to celebrate world book day. We hope you enjoy it.

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Published Date:7th March 2018

Wonderful wintery day

It started off as a beautiful, wintery and sparkly playground until Reception went outside!!
We had so much fun – painting, drawing, writing, throwing snowballs and making snow angels.

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Published Date:4th March 2018

How much room?

Last week Reception have learning about capacity. We have been using words like – empty, nearly empty, half full, full, capacity and liquid to describe and compare the capacity of the different containers.

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Published Date:4th March 2018

World book day

Nursery had a lot of fun dressing up for world book day today! We have had a lovely day talking about who we have dressed up as and sharing our stories.
A big thank you to all the parents for making such an effort.

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Published Date:1st March 2018