Gardening Club sprang into action!

This last few weeks gardening have been busy little bees!


The hyacinths we planted in the Autumn have finished flowering and now we were able to take them out into the garden to plant ready for next year’s flowering.


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Before we planted them, we had to clear the growing bed nearest to Tiverton Road. We pulled out the weeds and couch grass that had taken over during the Winter months. Some had amazingly long roots.

We found some really interesting insects like worms, spiders, centipedes and beetles.

Then, we replanted the hyacinths and put flower seeds in pots to start germination. They will start off in the greenhouse and when ready, we will plant them out in this new bed.

Also, we learned about perennial, herbaceous plants and planted some clumps of perennial geraniums and Montbretia. We can’t wait for them start shooting up and seeing them grow tall and colourful.

Watch this space!


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