New Year New Topic

Year 1 have been excited to find out about our new topic!

We had to look at pictures from around the school to find where the clues would be.

Where could they be?

img_7907 img_7908 img_7909 img_7911 img_7912 img_7914

We decided to talk in our groups about where the clues might be. Some of us even drew a map to help!

img_1375 img_1378 img_1379img_8262img_8258img_8252


img_1391 img_1392

img_1394 Some of the Juniors helped us with our search!

img_1396 img_1398 img_1402 img_1407

Finally we found all of the clues!

Can you see what our new topic is?

img_1414 img_1429