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Rally Coach Maths

During Maths today Year 1 used one of our new kagan skills – Rally coach. Great teamwork, coaching and support for each other.

Rally Coach

Year six are studying hard for our SATs and Kagan structures really help us to learn. Look how we are coaching each other through some tricky maths using Rally Coach. Our bodies are turned in to show good listening and we are ready to help if our partners get stuck.

Kagan in Reception

Today we used the Kagan structure, Continuous Round Table, to continue our work on the class text, The Puzzled Penguin, Today we were describing the story setting, Antarctica. Working in groups of four we took turns to listen and describe it. Mrs McKenzie was very proud of our work.


True or False….

We practised a new kagan skill last week during Guided Reading #Kagan skills
We were in mixed groups and we had to read a sentence from our class text Millie’s Marvellous hat 🎩.
Then we decided in our teams whether the sentence was true or false!

Kagan vocabulary work

We have been learning some new words to use in our story writing. Each Kagan team was given a word and discussed how to include it in our narrative. Next, we used the structure Numbered Heads Together to share our learning and report back to our teams. I look forward to reading sprees packed with great new vocabulary!


Rally Coach

A great start to multiplication today. We worked together as partner A and B to complete long multiplication questions; we definitely needed support as the questions got harder.

Y3 Active Planet Entry Point

To introduce our new topic ‘Active Planet’, Year 3 imagined Tiverton was to become an earthquake disaster centre!


The children worked brilliantly in their Kagan teams to decide what they would need, how they would organise it, and even produced a news report to inform the local community!


Below are some pictures of our budding news reporters-



Place Value up to 4 digits!

Today, Year 4 were doing some pretty tricky maths, but we were working with our Kagan team so we knew we would succeed! We were showing our understanding of the value of each digit by representing one number in 3 different ways. A part-whole diagram, using base ten equipment and using our brand new place value counters.

Next, we proved what we had learned by working with our partner on a Rally Coach task where we had individual challenges to attempt. We did well, with our coach ready to lend a hand if needed and importantly, to praise us when we got it right.

Geometry Round Robin Challenges

After a couple of weeks of intensive learning about shapes and lines, we decided to challenge our team mates using two versions of Round Robin.  In this Kagan strategy, we each think, draw or write our response before sharing in turn.  Our teams gave us immediate feedback and it felt great!


Using Write Round Robin to describe properties of shapes. (Above)

Using Draw Round Robin to draw 2D shapes described by our captain and shapes that fit criteria such as “a pair of parallel lines”.

Plants – Growing Our Science Knowledge.

Today, we began our new topic “How does your garden grow?”

We got started by using the Kagan Strategy Timed Pair Share where we had 30 seconds each to share what we think we already know about plants with our partner. We then switched to trios to share with even more partners.

When we’ve completed this topic we’ll repeat this to see how much we have learned.

Rally Robin in Group Reading

This week, we were starting the new text Big Bear, Little Brother during group reading.  To start us thinking about the book, we used Rally Robin to take it in turns to say what we could see on the cover.  It was really tricky to describe just what we could see without imagining too much!

We then used Rally Robin again to ask questions to help us understand the text as we read along. Great ideas!

Fairtrade Fortnight


This afternoon, Year 4 learnt about the benefits of Fairtrade as part of Fairtrade Fortnight 2018, and wrote some great poems on the subject!


First we worked in Kagan teams to brainstorm ideas, using round-robin to make sure everyone’s ideas were included.

Next, we wrote and performed poems/raps to the rest of the class. Below is Keelan performing his, and Konya’s poem ‘My World’.

Solving Division Problems Together

Today, we were practising our dividing skills using the Kagan cooperative learning structure – Showdown.

We had a set of questions (with the correct answer) face down on the table, then we took it in turns to be the captain – whose job it was to read out the question. The rest of the team solved it on their whiteboard or with lolly sticks and then showed their answers to the captain.

We loved practising our learning and coaching each other when we weren’t sure.