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Kagan fun!

Today, Y6 have had fun with two new Kagan structures: Simultaneous Round Table and Fan n Pick. We tried them out in literacy and maths and it really got us all involved in our learning!

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Rally Coach

Year six are studying hard for our SATs and Kagan structures really help us to learn. Look how we are coaching each other through some tricky maths using Rally Coach. Our bodies are turned in to show good listening and…

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Kagan in Reception

Today we used the Kagan structure, Continuous Round Table, to continue our work on the class text, The Puzzled Penguin, Today we were describing the story setting, Antarctica. Working in groups of four we took turns to listen and describe…

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True or False….

We practised a new kagan skill last week during Guided Reading #Kagan skills We were in mixed groups and we had to read a sentence from our class text Millie's Marvellous hat 🎩. Then we decided in our teams whether…

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