UNICEF rights respecting school

Tiverton Academy is now on its way to become a UNICEF rights respecting school.
The class votes have been cast and we now have our first ever steering group!
There are 2 children from each class (year 1 to year 6)

We all had to attend our first meeting together on Thursday – it was very exciting as we had a first look at the Pocket book of Children’s Rights.

There were lots of discussions and opinions given about the different rights children have – we were even surprised by a few!
Take a look at some pictures of our first meeting

We now have to make a display in school and decide where our new rights respecting posters go around the school.

Miss Wyatt even gave us our own UNICEF pin badges to wear in school every day.

To learn more about the work that UNICEF do, visit

Rights Respecting Schools