Welcome to Year One!

This half term we moved from Reception into Year One. We have a new classroom and have been getting used to our new routines and responsibilities.

In Maths we have been focusing on a number of topics including 2D shapes, counting and place value. In Literacy we have been developing our handwriting and learning what makes a good sentence. We have thoroughly enjoyed our class text – Jim and the Beanstalk by Raymond Briggs. We made predictions about the plot and undertook different exercises relating to the text.

As part of our topic Flowers and Insects, we learned about minibeasts and their habitats and took to the fields with our checklists to search for them. We were very successful – Mrs McKenzie was very proud of how we worked as a team.

IMG_9167  IMG_9433  IMG_9431  IMG_9430

We looked after caterpillars and were amazed by their metamorphosis as they first changed into chrysalises and then became butterflies. When it was time to say goodbye we took them outside and our beautiful butterflies took flight as we waved them off.

IMG_9052   IMG_3267   IMG_9217   IMG_9215

We also learned about the different types of seed dispersal. We found helicopter seeds on the field and we enjoyed releasing them into the wind and watching them glide.

IMG_9766   IMG_9750   IMG_9741

During Sports Day we had lots of fun competing in events such as the sack race, long jump and the spud-and-spoon race! Lots of our parents were there to cheer us on and Mrs McKenzie said that we were all winners.

IMG_9556  IMG_9538  IMG_9605

During the last week of term we had our Fun Day. We danced at the disco, bounced on the bouncy castle and ate our tasty lollies and ice creams. We also had fun and games in the classroom.

IMG_9861   IMG_9815   IMG_9861

After a busy half term we are looking forward to our Summer holidays and returning to class in September.

Year One