What a busy half term!!

In Maths we have covered several topics, including place value, calculation and geometry.  We demonstrated our understanding of place value by, for example, using dienes blocks and ordering numbers.

We performed addition calculations in different ways, including outside on the field using natural objects.

We learned about geometry in a tasty way by making 2D shape pizzas and creating 3D shapes using marshmallows and cocktail sticks.

This term, the Tiverton Artist in Focus is Canaletto.  We explored his painting style and went outside to create similar pictures of the school.   Our teachers were very proud of our work!

We launched our topic: “The Stories People Tell”, by becoming storytellers ourselves!!  To do this we worked in small groups and, using a prop, we made up and rehearsed our own story.  Then we performed these to the class!  We all received a big round of applause for our creativity and acting.

We also started our new class text: “The Magic Porridge Pot”.  First of all we thought about the title and made predictions about what would happen in the story.  We had some very imaginative ideas.  Some of us also read our predictions out to our literacy group.

In PSHE we have been thinking about difference and how it is okay to be different. We explored this theme using the story Elmer.  We decided that everyone in our class is different and special and we celebrated this by working together to create our own Elmer collage.  We also explored how we can make our class more welcoming to newcomers.

In the last week of term we had some celebrations.  Firstly we celebrated Harvest Festival at Elim Church, where we sang beautifully to our parents.  In RE we learned about the Rama and Sita story and all about Diwali.  We made diva lamps and ended the term with a Diwali party.  We had lots of fun!