• The Principal provides outstanding leadership and has been relentless in her quest to ensure that pupils receive only the very best teaching. As a result the academy has improved the quality of teaching and pupils’ achievement considerably in the short time that it has been open.
  • The Principal has been well supported in this work by the Vice-Principal and other leaders who share her commitment to providing the very best for pupils at the academy.
  • From low starting points pupils make outstanding progress, and leave the academy with attainment in reading, writing and mathematics that is at least in line with national averages.
  • The way the academy cares for pupils is exceptional, particularly for the large number of pupils that join and leave other than at the usual transition points. Even though the way the data on these pupils’ achievement is set out is not always quite as clear as it could be, teachers’ prompt assessments and well-planned support programmes, ensure that these pupils settle in well and quickly start to make good progress. 
  • Teachers have been provided with excellent support and training by leaders and the academy trust, which has led to considerable improvements in the quality of teaching.

  • Pupils at the academy behave impeccably. They are engrossed in their learning during lessons. At break times they conduct themselves with care and consideration to others.

  • The curriculum is a real strength of the academy and is enriched by an extensive programme of art and sporting activities. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on values and this is the reason for pupils’ outstanding spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Consequently pupils are very well prepared for the next stage in their education and for life in modern Britain.

  • The academy goes above and beyond what is required to ensure that pupils are safe.

  • Governors share the Principal’s high aspirations for pupils and are strong advocates for the academy. They are knowledgeable about the academy and are rigorous in holding its leaders to account.

  • The youngest children get off to an excellent start in the Nursery and Reception classes as a result of outstanding teaching, strong leadership and the effective support the setting provides for both children and families.

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