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Behaviour policy

This model policy has been designed to be easily adapted by Head Teachers/Principals and governing bodies to reflect the ethos of your own school or education setting. The policy is in two parts:

• Part 1 contains policy statements that each school should adapt to fit its
own needs.

• Part 2 contains procedures for responding to concerns about a child, and
advice for Head Teachers, DSLs and teachers: this should be adopted

This model policy will be reviewed regularly and may be revised and updated. For this reason we suggest that Governing Bodies review and formally approve their policy annually, and authorise appropriate persons (for example the Chair of the Governing Body and the Safeguarding Lead Governor) to accept updates in matters of detail between reviews, and to inform staff of these changes. The details of these changes should be listed in the codicil insert.

In drawing up your Safeguarding Policy you will need to consider the range of people who will refer to the policy – teaching staff, support and lunch staff, parent helpers,
volunteers, supply staff etc., as well as young people in the setting. You will also need to consider such issues as:
• How will you demonstrate that staff have read and understand this Policy?
• How will a visiting staff member/teacher be made aware of the information contained within your Safeguarding Policy and their responsibility to comply?
• Who will inform a volunteer from the local community about issues such as confidentiality or how to raise concerns about practice in the school?

You may also find it useful to produce a brief “welcome sheet” for visitors to the school, including a summary of the Child Protection Policy, the name of the lead DSL
and deputies etc. An example of such a ‘welcome sheet can be found at

For ease where ‘schools’ are mentioned please interpret this as referring to all types of educational settings.

Behaviour Policy 2020

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