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Here are some of the things that OFSTED said about our school from their visit in March 2015 and March 2019.

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· Pupils at the academy behave impeccably. They are engrossed in their learning during lessons. At break times they conduct themselves with care and consideration to others. (OFSTED 2015)

· The curriculum is a real strength of the academy and is enriched by an extensive programme of art and sporting activities. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on values and this is the reason for pupils’ outstanding spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Consequently pupils are very well prepared for the next stage in their education and for life in modern Britain. (OFSTED 2015)

· The academy’s work to keep pupils safe and secure is outstanding. This is because leaders and governors place a very high priority on ensuring that systems and processes are robust. (OFSTED 2015)

· The academy ensures pupils are skilled in working together collaboratively. Pupils enjoy working in these groups and it is evident that this is teaching them how to evaluate and improve their own work. Teachers are very effective in providing the most-able pupils with opportunities to apply and demonstrate what they have learnt in other subjects and contexts. This is particularly true in mathematics and writing. At the same time, they are careful to check that activities are always accessible to pupils who have not yet fully grasped the key learning points they need to master. (OFSTED 2015)

· Leaders have maintained good and outstanding teaching across the school. (OFSTED 2019)

· The support provided for pupils with SEND is very effective. There is very good oversight and management of SEND provision. The most vulnerable pupils are well supported by skilled teachers and teaching assistants. (OFSTED 2019)

· There are warm and positive relationships between pupils and staff. The welfare, care and attention given to pupils remain strong features of the school. (OFSTED 2019)

· You, your staff, governors and the trust respect pupils, families and the local community. You have all maintained strong working relationships with parents, who say that they are treated with respect and dignity. The school makes a very strong contribution to pupils’ welfare and safety, as well as their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. (OFSTED 2019)

OFSTED report March 2019

OFSTED report March 2015

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