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National Poetry Day

To celebrate National Poetry Day, we explored the famous war poem, In Flanders Fields by John McCrae. This also links to our IPC topic and our class novel, Private Peaceful. We played a game called running dictation to familiarise ourselves with the lines and enjoyed learning new vocabulary. We also used our drama skills to create movements to enhance our performance of the poem. We were really moved and shocked by the images of WW1cemetries because of the sheer scale of the loss of life.

Year 3’s Deadly Dinosaurs – A Class Poem

We were so inspired by Brian Moses during Arts Week that we decided to look at other poems by him in our work this week.  We used “The Great Galactic Ghoul”  to help us investigate similes and then looked at rhyming pairs in “The Monster Sale” and “Behind the Staffroom Door” (read the originals here).

We used the style of this last humorous poem to generate our own poem on the theme of our current topic – Dinosaurs!   We worked in teams of three to generate a list of rhyming words to match a given number. We then worked hard to create a two line verse which included these rhymes and showed our awareness of rhythm and pattern – we were allowed to make them imaginative and unusual though!  Finally we put them together in order to create our class poem – we hope it makes you giggle.

Year 3 poem – Deadly Dinosaurs