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Wants and Needs

We have been busy planning and teaching lessons this week. In our meeting, we explored different activities using the RRSA Wants and Needs cards. Which of the images show things which are essential to our survival and wellbeing, and which are extras, or ‘wants’? Some pictures had us discussing different situations, for example the bicycle. In our lives, it could be a want, but if we lived in a country where we had to travel a long way to collect water or get to school, it could be essential in keeping us safe. Tricky!

We planned how to introduce the cards to our classes and games/drama activities to help our classmates understand more about the CRC and how these cards might link to our rights as children. Some of us wanted older helpers from the steering group to help us deliver the lesson.

It was tough being the teachers but we really enjoyed it!

Which of the needs cards would you prioritise? Could you justify your choice?

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