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Click here to read about what we are doing in Year 3 this term and for links to useful websites to support your child’s learning.


School value

Summer 1: Citizenship

Summer 2: Creativity


We will read – Our Tower by Joseph Coelho and Richard Johnson

The Barnabas Project by The Fan Brothers

The Comet by Joe Todd-Stanton

Poet study: Joseph Coelho

As well as a range of non fiction books about ancient Egypt. We secure the correct letter formation and basic joins. We work on writing clear and accurate sentences to build short paragraphs  e.g. a story ending or a character description and work on punctuation such as direct speech, writing in the third person and using conjunctions. 


The library at Touchbase Pears is a great place to borrow books and is free to join and use. This online library is another great place to read.


We learn the spelling patterns from the national curriculum for Year 3, along with words from the statutory spelling list. Children also participate in dictation and handwriting sessions 2 times a week.

Your child needs to be able to spell all of these words by the end of Year 2, and these words by the end of Year 4. Spellings are tested on Thursdays, and new words are sent home the same day to practise. Try using games like Karate Kats and Spooky Spellings to make spelling fun.


We will work on fractions, money, properties of shape, statistics and measurement of time. Your child has a school subscription for two excellent National Curriculum-aligned maths sites/apps. The log-in details for these can be found in the front of their reading record.


Times Tables Rock Stars


Summer 1 Unit 5 – Forces and magnets

You may find these helpful to look at with your child:

Fish force

Summer 2 Unit 6 – Food and our bodies

These links may be useful to support your child’s learning in science:


Summer 1 – Unit 5 – Desktop publishing

Summer 2 – Unit 6 – Events and actions in programmes

We constantly work on how to use technology safely and responsibly; how to recognise unacceptable behaviour; and ways to report concerns.

Keen coders might enjoy this free club at the Central Library. Great online safety resources hereThese links explain parts of computing really clearly.

Trips for the term


Topic Focus 

Ancient Egypt

Art and Design

In the summer term, we focus on Ancient Egypt scrolls. We work with a range of media, such as record colours, patterns and shapes through observational drawing, recognise and discuss the importance of Ancient Egyptian art and experimenting with drawing techniques.

Design and Technology

We will learn about cooking and nutrition, we will also look at seasonal fruits and by the end of the topic we will be making tarts!!!


As part of our history topic we will be looking at how the Aztecs used chocolate and the way chocolate has changed over time. Watch this video to get a head start!


We will be looking at where our food comes from, we will develop our knowledge of the world map when looking at the different climates affects the growth of food from around the world.

This link may be useful!!!


We have been learning Spanish in Year 3. This Summer we will be increasing our vocab and learning new words which cover Summer.

Pronunciation help


We sing a range of songs linked to our topics and the seasons, working of pitch and expression. We play tuned percussion instruments and learn to play question and answer phrases.

We learn more about improvising and composing, using instruments and voices and we learn about a range of different composers from history.


Spring 1 and 2- Invasion games: Tag rugby

Spring 2 – Invasion games – Football

Spring 2 – Health-related – Fitness circuit/booklets – compare their performances with previous ones and demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best.


In continuing with our topic we will be looking at keeping ourselves healthy, respecting others and their culture. After we will explore keeping safe online and cyber bullying.


We explore:

Being Fair & Just

Being Accountable & Living with Integrity

Remembering Roots

Being Loyal & Steadfast

These videos are a great place to start exploring the many faiths in our school.

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