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UNICEF RRSA Inspire Workshop KS2

Thank you to all the parents who attended our first UNICEF RRSA workshop this morning. We learned a lot about the articles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and had fun taking part in lots of short activities.

Members of the Steering Group lead a game matching picture cards to specific articles.

We sorted the articles into categories: basic needs, safe from harm, and expressing yourself. Some articles came under more than one heading.

We looked closely at pictures to identify which rights were being accessed and labelled them with post it notes.

We designed our own Rights Respecting superheroes and created comic strips to illustrate them upholding our rights.

We read articles from the newspaper and discussed which rights were being accessed or denied in each news story.

Rally Coach

Year six are studying hard for our SATs and Kagan structures really help us to learn. Look how we are coaching each other through some tricky maths using Rally Coach. Our bodies are turned in to show good listening and we are ready to help if our partners get stuck.

Wants and Needs

We have been busy planning and teaching lessons this week. In our meeting, we explored different activities using the RRSA Wants and Needs cards. Which of the images show things which are essential to our survival and wellbeing, and which are extras, or ‘wants’? Some pictures had us discussing different situations, for example the bicycle. In our lives, it could be a want, but if we lived in a country where we had to travel a long way to collect water or get to school, it could be essential in keeping us safe. Tricky!

We planned how to introduce the cards to our classes and games/drama activities to help our classmates understand more about the CRC and how these cards might link to our rights as children. Some of us wanted older helpers from the steering group to help us deliver the lesson.

It was tough being the teachers but we really enjoyed it!

Which of the needs cards would you prioritise? Could you justify your choice?

Victorian Day

Thank you to all of the Y5&6 children who came in fantastic costumes for our Victorian Day, the launch of our new IPC topic.

Even our handwriting was different today:

We enjoyed experiencing a day of Victorian lessons, including drill with Miss Hale and Miss Meah – not like our PE lessons at all!

Year 5&6 Writing Inspire Workshop

A big thank you to all children and parents who took part in our writing workshop this morning. Spelling is much more fun with beads, pipe cleaners, wooden letters and SAND! We also got to play games with vocabulary cards, matching up word pairs. We wrote the dialogue for a comic strip, thinking about how to reveal information about the characters and plot through what is said, and even got to design our own comics. The fourth activity was ‘show don’t tell’ and we wrote our ideas about the pictures on post it notes. All your teachers look forward to seeing you apply these skills in your writing!

Trip to Cannock Chase War Museum

Years five and six had an amazing day at Cannock Chase War Museum, enriching our learning through drama and handling artefacts. Our guides were fascinating and we loved hearing about Mark’s German family and considering WW2 from an ordinary German child’s perspective. We learned a lot of facts but also had some training in drill:

Everyone had the chance to dress up and participate in role plays about evacuation:

We also met the air raid warden and found out about keeping safe during the Blitz:

WW1 centenary

Year six have combined our knowledge of WW1 with this term’s artist, George Seurat, to paint beautiful, effective Pointillist pictures. We then cut out silhouettes of soldiers, planes etc to layer over the top.

Don’t they look great on our Private Peaceful display?

Y6 Shelters with electric lights

Year six had a creative day today, constructing shelters we have designed. To link with our science and improve the comfort of these bomb shelters, we included electric lighting, complete with handmade switches. We worked really cooperatively with our partners and followed our designs, making adjustments and improvements along the way if necessary. We used paper fasteners and paper clips to make the switches because we needed the materials to be conductors. Moving the paper clip creates the break in the circuit to switch off the lights. The shelters are camouflaged from above so the German planes wouldn’t detect them. Pretty neat, don’t you think?

National Poetry Day

To celebrate National Poetry Day, we explored the famous war poem, In Flanders Fields by John McCrae. This also links to our IPC topic and our class novel, Private Peaceful. We played a game called running dictation to familiarise ourselves with the lines and enjoyed learning new vocabulary. We also used our drama skills to create movements to enhance our performance of the poem. We were really moved and shocked by the images of WW1cemetries because of the sheer scale of the loss of life.

Kagan vocabulary work

We have been learning some new words to use in our story writing. Each Kagan team was given a word and discussed how to include it in our narrative. Next, we used the structure Numbered Heads Together to share our learning and report back to our teams. I look forward to reading sprees packed with great new vocabulary!


Evacuation drama


Year six were transported back in time this morning to 1940. We made identity cards in preparation for the train journey to safety in the countryside. Not all of us wanted to leave our homes and parents and we had to pack our small suitcases carefully. It was a powerful at to explore the emotions of children in this situation, and the attitudes of the people who took them in.


We had a great time this morning watching Loudmouth’s show, ‘My Mate Fancies You’. We learned about growing up, puberty, happy and healthy relationships and a whole lot more. After the drama, we took part in discussions with the actors.

KS2 Sports Day

We had a brilliant time in the sunshine this morning. Congratulations to all who participated and huge thanks to Miss Meah and Miss Hale for organising the best sports day ever! Thanks also to parents and families who came to cheer us on. We are really proud of the incredible talents and sportsmanship on display and here are our medal winners.


100m sprint:


Long jump:

There were also two very special awards for all round commitment, sportsmanship and effort:

And finally, Miss Hale and Miss Ali battled against two very sporting dads; it was very close on the finishing line!

DT Healthy Snack Bars

Year Six have enjoyed researching, designing, producing and evaluating our own healthy snack bars as alternatives to existing options.

We tested a very basic recipe and weren’t very impressed so added our own ingredients to make them tastier and more appealing. With our target audience in mind, we designed eye-catching packaging and on Wednesday we will go into role as the product designers and try to market our bars to a supermarket manager.

Which one would you choose?

World Book Day

Year Six have had a lovely day discussing our favourite books and creating ‘rivers of reading’.


Here are just a few of our amazing poems on ‘the power of reading’, based on a poem by Robert McFarlane:

And check out all our fabulous costumes:

#LetsTalk Mental Health Workshop

Year six had a workshop this morning on mental health. We talked about what to do when we feel stressed, angry, sad or anxious. We all made a chatterbox with suggestions of activities to make us feel better, such as running, listening to music, talking to friends, reading, getting fresh air, playing outside, drawing etc.

What makes you feel better?

Thursday 1st February is Time to Talk Day. Will you make time to check if a friend is ok?

Visit to the Barber Institute

This morning, Year 6 have had the opportunity to have guided tour of the art gallery at The Barber Institute of Fine Arts at Birmingham University. Lisa talked to us about myths and legends in various artworks. We really enjoyed being the stories, sharing our knowledge and dressing up!

Alisha discovered why Alexander the Great shaved off his beard in order to have the advantage in battle:

We learned about this Roman copy of a Greek statue of Aphrodite:

We loved making our own sculptures of mythical creatures out of clay.

We would like to go back again – maybe you could take your families at the weekend or in the holidays.

Children in Need: Best Dressed Bear Competition

This year, to raise money for BBC Children In Need, children from every year group dressed up their bears in all sorts of different outfits. We were SO impressed by your creativity and imagination, and awarding prizes was verrrrry difficult. Thank you all for your generous donations – we hope to have the total added up soon so watch this space!

Here are just some of the army of bears that took over Tiverton on Friday:

And here are a few of our winners:



Year 4 In Wonderland

The new Year 4 have had a very busy arts week! We read Alice in Wonderland, and had lots of fun doing activities linked to the story.


We covered some balloons in papier mâché…IMG_0157IMG_0168 We made magic ‘drink me’ potions that separated into different colours,IMG_0170 IMG_0173we did some more work on our balloons,IMG_0180we made some paintings based on Gustav Klimt which included the characters from the story, IMG_0198Got very excited making jam tarts for a Queen of Hearts tea party,IMG_0205 IMG_0207 IMG_0208made pocket watches which run on Wonderland time, IMG_0254 IMG_0255and have decorated our room with the results! IMG_0256 IMG_0257 IMG_0259Our balloons eventually became the piece of work we are most proud of- the wise caterpillar from the book, who is now the first to greet us into class every morning!

Arts week

The new year six have been enjoying working on beautiful and creative art work for our new classroom. We wrote descriptive poems and made tents to put them in to recreate the front cover of the novel Holes by Louis Sachar.IMG_1774

We are also reading Northern Light by Philip Pullman and everyone painted their own ‘daemon’ using watercolours. Next we used a photo editing app to put ourselves and our daemons in a scene from the novel.IMG_1775 IMG_1776 IMG_1777 IMG_1778

Work in progress is our sculpture of the armoured bear, Iorek Byrnison. Next week we will give him fur and armour!


World Book Day

Year five really went to town with their costumes this year!

The Hogwarts group:IMG_1523 Wonder Woman and Captain America:IMG_1524

From ‘Brave’ and Hetty FeatherIMG_1526

Matilda with an Oompalumpa and Charlie with his golden ticket:IMG_1529Merida: IMG_1530 Dennis the Menace and WallyIMG_1531From Minecraft and Star Wars: IMG_1532 Jim Jarvis, Simone Biles and The Big Bad Wolf:IMG_1533 IMG_1534 IMG_1535 IMG_1537

A certain tiger also came to tea:


Knitting Club

Some year six children have been learning to knit at lunchtime with Miss Brewster and Miss Wyatt. We all find it very calming (unless we get in a tangle!) and we like the feeling of making something new. Our first project is fingerless gloves. Do you like our choice of wool?